How will you spend your extra time?

I’m sure you are thinking ‘what extra time, we lose an hour when the clocks change’. This is true however at the moment instead of going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark, there are definite changes coming. Just little subtle changes such as not needing the light on to get ready in the morning and thinking it cannot possibly be nearly home time it’s too light…

So that is what we mean when we ask what will you do with your extra time? There is something about the lighter mornings and evenings that make us more motivated to be productive in the daylight than when it is dark.

Have a little think about how you can fill that time with fun, mood lifting activities… a stroll around the local park, take in the fresh air and spot the beautiful changes that spring brings… snow drops, blue bells and not to forget our national flower the daffodil!

It is also a great opportunity to begin the spring clean… Here at Blush we are all for stepping away from the hustle and bustle of the everyday so we don’t necessarily mean spring clean the home, but spring clean your morning rituals or skin care regime.

It might be that you can now drink your morning cup of coffee whilst looking out of the window and observing what’s going on around you (we think it’s a bit too cold to be sitting out there just yet). It is also a great time to buff off your dry winter skin so you don't have a shock when we have that first day of great weather. Consider using our Spongelle boxed flower body buffers to encourage gentle exfoliation whilst rich moisturisers and gentle cleansers leave your skin glowing- which we all want and need at this time of year. There are plenty of products on the market for face and body. It could be that you start to rotate your nail varnish collection towards the more lighter or brighter colours, we have a fab new range from Jessica Nails that are full of spring! Come in and check them out, along with

asking us about any treatments that you might benefit from and add that spring to your step our favourite is a Zen Spa Pedicure to get flip flop ready.

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