Is Self-Care here to stay?

Self-Care seems very much the word of the moment. A lot of people at the beginning of the year were talking about 2018 being the year they bring focus on themselves more and work on self-care. But what does it actually mean? Is self-care the new term for well-being?

For me, self-care is exactly what is says on the tin. Looking after yourself and focussing on your needs, whether that be physical or mental. We can all help change our mood, increase our fitness levels or work to maintain the levels we already have, it is our responsibility to do all we can to keep ourselves functioning to our best abilities. Self care is not the new term for Well-Being in my opinion but something to enhance your well-being.

Physical opportunities for self-care could include keeping your body active and moving more, taking a walk and breathing in the fresh air, listening to the wonderful sounds of bird song. Making healthier choices when it comes to what we put in to our bodies. It could be a soak in the bath to relieve aching muscles, or going one step further and treating yourself to a massage.

Todays lifestyles can often leave us stressed and overwhelmed but taking time out for ourselves can help improve our mood and mental state. Self-care can also give our mind that little reset we need to continue with the demands of life.

It is a statement at the forefront of a lot of peoples mind at the moment and we hope it stays, people need to focus on their health, in order to be able to give any help or support their loved ones as required, as the saying can not sip from an empty cup.

So even if your new years resolutions are a distant memory now that we are almost leaving February, lets not lose focus on this one. Listen to what your body is telling you, take a break when needed but more importantly don't always wait for when it is needed, but when you WANT it.

We are here to support your self-care and enhanced well-being at BLUSH.

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