Life is demanding- we all know that and at Blush we love nothing more than to take you away from everyday life and give you some much needed 'you time'. Everybody needs a re-set and whilst we cant be de-stressing you with a gorgeous scalp massage when your dashing to do the weekly shop, in between the school pick up- Scentered can. Using the therapy balms and making the technique 'STOP. Inhale. Reset.' a daily ritual is a simple way to take control of how you feel.

Scentered is made up of six wellbeing categories De-Stress, Focus, Sleep, Be-Happy, Escape and Love. In our Scentered series of posts we will go in to detail the benefits of each. Each category has a therapy balm- mess free, no spills- easy to keep with you on the go.

I instantly fell in love with the scentered the philosophy when it was introduced to me however only experienced its true powers four months later at Christmas when I could not possibly consume any more caffine, my head was fuzzy and I really needed a pick me up. I swiped on my forehead, temples and wrist 'FOCUS' took a deep breath in, exhaled out and POW- my head was instantly clearer. I'd re-set myself in less than a minute and managed to get through the rest of the day with clarity!

Below is a link to a video from Scentered with co-founder Faye Pottinger explaining the benefits of Natural Aromatherapy and Scentered. She also demonstrates the Stop. Inhale. Reset. ritual.

Keep following this series through our blog post, Instagram stories to find out which balm is best for you. We also have each balm available at Blush to scent test.

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